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Tito's Time

July 7th, 2014

(no subject) @ 10:28 am

“If there is anyone in the village who can understand why the new chief made the mistake of planting coconuts near the volcano, it’s the old chief.” - (“Reggie’s Big (Beach) Break” - July 19, 2003)


(no subject) @ 10:20 am

“Man who’s always watching for fallen coconut ends up stubbing toe.” – (“Tito Sitting” - April 20, 2002)

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(no subject) @ 12:53 am

“Sometimes, the bird sings, sometimes it coughs up a worm.” (“Hawaii Blues” - November 13, 1999)


(no subject) @ 12:50 am

“Just because you can afford the modern longboard, doesn’t mean you can honor the moving water.” - (“Father’s Day Off” - September 11, 1999)


(no subject) @ 12:49 am

“Oh no little cuz, the Hawaiian ancients had an expression for someone who competes against his best friend and business partner: real bonehead.” – (“Rocket Girls” - September 11, 1999)


Tito's Time